26th July 1999- A date that no True Indian can forget when many of our soldiers laid down their lives, got martyred for the sake of nation’s peace and security.


This day, also known as Operation Vijay, is celebrated as Kargil Diwas. The Bravehearts of Indian Armed Forces fought the war for 60 days to throw back the Pakistani intruders, who had surreptitiously and treacherously occupied Indian territory.

Every year, this day leave all of us with mixed emotions and tears in the eye. One side, we feel happy that our Bravehearts made India victorious after the 60 days long War, and successfully recaptured all positions and forced the Pakistan Army to retreat. On the other hand, we feel overwhelmed that how our 559 Bravehearts fought and lost their lives, and 1563 got injured.

I won’t wind up this day in limited paragraphs or sentences, but yeah, let’s remember all of them to mark the 19th Vijay Diwas of Kargil and tell them that we will never ever forget you. Here we go:

Yogendra Singh Yadav

Yogendra Singh Yadav.jpg

Lieutenant Manoj Kumar Pandey


Captain Vikram Batra


Rifleman Sanjay Kumar


Captain Anuj Nayyar


Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari


Captain Haneef-ud-din


Major Mariappan Saravanan


Squadron Leader Ajay Ahuja


Havildar Chuni Lal




Save Our Soldiers Before It Gets Too Late!


I am tired of listening or seeing again and again;

Stone pelters pelting stones on their own soldiers

Local people of Kashmir helping terrorists enter India to attack

Pakistan violates ceasefire or a terror attack in j&k sector

4-5 soldiers either killed or got martyred during the operation

Families crying over their killed/martyred son, brother, husband or father

Politicians regression on the death of the soldiers saying,  ‘revenge will be taken’

Or giving a statement that, India must talk to Pakistan to “End Bloodshed”

A debate and discussion sessions on news channels with experts/politicians

But, is there any end to all this…?

Actually, NO! Until and unless–

We citizens don’t get unite, or start respecting or honoring our soldiers

We start admiring their selfless duty by risking lives on borders

We don’t value martyrs who die so young fighting for us

We remember them not only on special days like Independence or Republic Day but every single day

We don’t give respect to the families who happily send their son to fight for our Motherland

Seems as if now it’s very easy for our neighboring countries entering our territories and making our soldiers gun down. Or, attacking them at their back. We all have at least for once hooted in a theatre on our reel heroes’ mind-blowing action or dialogue. But, have you ever hooted for OUR REAL HEROES on their supreme sacrifice for us?

No, we never! It’s OUR REAL HEROES who come and save you from every problem, let it be- terrorism, national or international disputes, or natural calamities. And, in return, they just want us to be happy and smiling. It is time to end all debates and take some serious action for a change. Because, if we’ll not do that there will be a time when our young generation straightaway say NO to getting recruited in Defence.



But, We Are No More Friends…


Though we promised to be friends forever

And be with each other’s ups and downs

She stood by my side when I was unhappy

She was the best supporter of mine and so do I

Together we’ve climbed hills and trees

Learnt together many things, shared secrets of life

Our friendship bond was so strong that

As soon as we were together we don’t need anyone

But things didn’t last for long, and we slowly came apart

Misunderstanding and arguments sprouted

We used to fight, but another minute or in an hour we patch-up

Alas! The day came when these small fighting became a big issue

Yeah… this time it was a real big issue

And, we broke in a way that neither she discussed nor me

This continued for a month and we moved on

She’s happy with her new friends

Partying and chilling out, and same with me

But still, the loss of our friendship can’t be recovered

And that makes me low

Though we don’t talk, we aren’t in touch

No regret as those moments spent with her still bring smiles

But, the truth! We are no more friends…

Enchanted Journey To Shimla: Don’t Miss The Fun!

Being a cold breeze lover and a wanderer (who hasn’t satisfied her wanderlust yet), I actually wanted to end 2017 in a unique way. So, with two of my friends, I decided to visit “Queen of Hills”, Shimla.


I never had a night out in my life, so this time decided to do that with my pals- Meenakshi and Deepika. Two weeks before, we started our planning, booked a hotel and made a list that we’ll gonna take along with us. Believe me, making a list really works!


It was 5:30 am, we woke up and drop a message on our WhatsApp group so that we know all woke up. I stepped out at 7:00 am as my father decided to drop us at the Chandigarh bus stand, Sec-43. We picked Deepi first, then Mini. The excitement can be seen on our faces. Getting out of the car, my father wished us happy journey and we headed towards our bus.

We got into our buses and sat on our allotted seats. Our journey started as our bus moved on at 8:10 am. Ah! Pleasant weather it was with cool breezes.


But, we were getting hiccups due to the bad condition of the mountainous roads at some places. And, because of that, we were feeling drowsy.

Finally, we reached Shimla and waited for our hotel driver to come and pick us.


We checked into a standard hotel in Chhota Shimla at 1:30 pm, and rested for a while.

After an hour of rest, now we were ready to go out. Advised by some of our friends that The Christ Church looks damn beautiful in the evening, we planned to explore local places like the Mall, The Ridge, Scandal point, Lakkar Bazaar, following the Christ Church. But, before that, as we moved out of our hotel, it was time to satisfy hunger.

We entered a restaurant, where we had rice with Kadi and Dal. It was yummy! Oops… we forgot to click cuz we were damn hungry and busy eating. hahaha….

Now, we were all set to climb the Mall Road/Ridge Road, and Scandal point as we’ve decided to cover this on our first day. Since vehicles aren’t allowed there, we had to walk all the way to the end of the road and back.


While going through Mall Road towards the Ridge, we felt as if we were in foreign as the buildings around us were styled in Tudorbethan and neo-gothic architecture, reminiscent of the colonial era.


The city actually presents an amazing blend of scenic beauty and architectural wonders. There were loads of hustle bustle on the Mall Road and tourists were moving up and down, in and out of the shops.


Finally, we were on the Ridge and you can’t imagine how happy we three were. But, before going to the church, we decided to visit the Lakkar Bazaar. This market grabs all of your attention. We bought Shimla shawls for our lovely mums.

Because of too chilly weather we wanted to stop for a while to have something. After walking for a while, there was a shop where loads of people were standing and having momos. That bought water in our mouth, and we had momos and hot dogs.


Now, it was dark all around with beautiful lights shining like stars. I guess we made the right decision! The moment we reached the church, we were really stunned by the majestic appearance it holds.


And, then we roam on the Church’s outskirts. It was as beautiful and serene as the church itself. The incredible natural view around us was surprising at every turn.



And, down is our “dream-come-true” pic, when the sky actually turned cloudy. We clicked looking up at the sky togetherly. We felt as if we’ve worn over something, and memorized that line, “Baadalon ki main odhoon chunariya. Jhoom jaaoon main banke baawariya from a song- ‘Dil Hai Chhota Sa‘… hahahahhh!


Best Moment: Right in the center of the Ridge Road is a pole on which our Indian Flag always flies high in the sky. This actually makes you feel good and proud.


Next morning, we had our breakfast at the hotel and headed towards Kufri. It’s a small hill station, which is 13 km away from Shimla. We visited Himalayan Nature Park, where we saw some of the rare species of animals and birds found only in Himachal Pradesh.


Then, we took thrilled adventure ride package in adventure camp. We enjoyed all the rides like mountain climbing, rope climbing, skating, valley crossing, bungee jumping and much more.


Although we were a little nervous, we followed the saying, “Darr Ke Agey Jeet” and enjoyed to the fullest.

Then, quickly we went to Kufri market, where we did our lunch. We saw the place where Simla Agreement was signed.


We had a cup of coffee there and planned to get back!

Then, we ended our day by visiting Jhaku Temple. Such a peaceful and serene place it Is. After making prayers, we got 2-2 malpuas as Prashad. Too lip-smacking they were!




Finally, we reached room after dinner and clicked our day end pics before we fell asleep.

We were quite happy as our day went quite busy doing adventure sports and worth watching nature.

The third day, as it was a Christmas Day, we woke up at 7 o’clock and again went to The Ridge, to attend Christmas Prayer at The Christ Church.

We felt light and good after saying 2-3 prayers. After lightening the candle we came out. The photographic scenes all around us made us crazy and we clicked many pics.

Top of all, when you are in Himachal Pradesh, how can you miss wearing a Himachali dress. So, here we go!

And, in the end, we gave rest to our trip by clicking a pic near our Indian flag. Remember! This can’t be ignored at all throughout your strolling at the Ridge.


Here, my friend mini concluded our trip with a quote which is quite true-

“Shimla is Nothing, But it is actually everything and it is worth coming here once in your life if you are a nature lover”

Finally, we were happy traveling back home – Chandigarh. Our trip was really a FUN!


As it was our first trip to Shimla, we were little unaware; we missed a few things on this trip like- Tara Devi Temple, Summer Hill, Annandale and Shimla State Museum, Advance studies. NOT TO WORRY! We will definitely cover these places on our next trip.

Happy journey to all who are planning to go Shimla! And, don’t forget to share your views in the comment section given below.

Army Love: A Few Qualities In Every Fauji That Will Make You ‘Fall In Love’

Who doesn’t like extremely gorgeous macho men wrapped up handsomely in their crease free uniform and walking perfectly straight in their combat boots. That is the thing that actually takes your breath away.

Indian Army

Indian Army Officers


Well, if you closely scrutinize them, you’ll see a few things which are just common in every man-in-uniform. So, let’s take a look that what all qualities make an army officer so charming.



Discipline is a kind of thing that you can expect from every army officer. The moment a guy step in the academy, the very first thing that is being taught to them is discipline. From the time of waking up and till they fell asleep, everything is planned and on time. Regularly following the same routine every day for at least 6 months make them “a man in discipline”. And, this continues for life long.

Perfectly Groomed and trained


Whether he is in full formal attire, battle fatigues, evening formals or in a pair of jeans and a tee; you can be sure he is perfectly groomed and well turned out. They are known as religious Faujis, and by religious Fauji, doesn’t mean his devotion to god, but to Fauji morals and code. They’ll address every lady as ‘ma’am’ including the stranger ones who he passes by! He also addresses his seniors as ‘Sir’.

Similar Haircut


That haircut is one of the easiest ways to spot Faujis; many of them have a personal equation with the hairdresser. They visit them without fail every two weeks. Their cut is different, which makes them stand unique from the crowd.

Party Lovers


A soldier is not just a soldier who just follows the rules and regulations, or fight for his country; but, also ensures that he can throw a wonderful party, manage events with the plan and party with the best of them. Study hard and party hard- this line fits very well on army officers. They love shining wines, lip smacking snacks, lovely music in the background with every cuisine from Desi to Mexican. Party is just not a party, but a way of life for them in a well-mannered way.

Adventure Seekers


All Faujis are die hard fan of traveling, and wanderlust is inbuilt. They are very good at planning things perfectly, from finalizing the place to book hotels reasonably. And, they’ll take care of everything from visiting places, eateries, and adventurous activities too. He’ll never waste a single moment to call up others in the group to initiate a travel plan. So, if you have a lust for travel and love adventure, then never ever commit a mistake to ignore your Fauji friend. They are the best for it, believe me! 😛

Aviator Addicts


Ask any defence person, what’s the importance of aviators in their life. They’ll say aviators are their life and always remain with them throughout their day activities. They just don’t wear anything else except aviator.  Since ages, it’s a legacy that only and only Ray Ban aviators are their trusted pick instead of any other brand, like Gucci, Prada, Vogue. They owe their genuine loyalty to aviators in return.

Fitness freak


There’s not even a single defence person who is not a fitness freak. I mean gymming and swimming are their faction. Running is their other favorite thing. They can’t live with the truth that their jeans/pants don’t fit them anymore. Hahahah… It’s inexcusable.

Bullet is their Love


The bullet is known as a matter of pride for every Fauji. Whether its Enfield or Harley, they are just crazy about it. No matter where he’s posted, he’ll always try to buy his dream bike as soon as he gets commissioned. This is particularly for the Army, where they put the cool symbol of Indian Army at the number plate. You know ‘Josh type’!

Is there anything else which you think important and should be included in this blog? Then, do share with us in the comment section given below. Also, feel free if you have any query or suggestion for us.





smile, laugh, giggle


A sacred gift from god can brighten anybody’s day

A symbol to express your love, care, and friendship to others

Projects a positive image, which is a symbol of peace and love

Makes you go strong to fight all the troubles of life

Helps you to muse over the happy moments you had in the past

A cheapest way to boost your health and makes you stress-free

It’s a language of kindness, making people comfortable around you

It’s a shining ray of light in the dark, can warm others heart

Adds up colors to your life by making you look splendid

It’s a gesture of self-confidence, giving you courage to face the world

So, never forget to smile in any situation

Always dig up for a reason in small things to smile!


A Very Happy Armed Forces Flag Day!

flag day

Armed Forces Flag Day

Let’s get together to honor the soldiers, sailors and airmen of India for their selfless service. One should never forget the supreme sacrifice and valor of our Indian armed forces.
It’s because of them, we are enjoying every moment of our life, breathing freely and doing what we wish to. It’s because of their sleepless nights on borders that we enjoy sleeping comfortably in our home.
Indian armed forces have brought glory to our motherland, which makes us feel proud of our Nationality.
To all the serving soldiers (men/women), Retirees, and the Martyrs of the armed forces… A Very Happy Armed Forces Flag Day.
#THANKYOU seems to be very small, but still we do that for protecting the honor and pride of our nation.
We are lucky and blessed that we have Indian Army as Saviors!